All I can remember is images, moments, shadows, light, faces, and little moments of my life. When I was old enough to manage a camera at 8 years old, my grandfather gifted one to me, and later let me make the home movies. I have been documenting and capturing around me all my life, later assisting top tier international photographers and directors for many years in NYC. I was offered a scholarship in design at Art Center in Pasadena, but instead modeled and attended classes in photography under legend mentor Paul Jasmin. Early on I spent years as a producer, and aspiring writer. I eventually photographed commercial for department stores and various commercial and advertising companies. Currently I am working on my various fine art, portraits, fashion portraits, motion, video, directing on both coasts. 


LeFOTO, Barcelona September  - 2017


hbphoto13@gmail.com / Phone: 917-941-2783


©2019 Heath Bradyn

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